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Medical Wireless Computer Trolley Cart On Wheels

$1,720.00 $1,830.00
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 Size: 690mm*550*980
The body frame is made of spcc-grade high-carbon steel and magnesium-aluminum alloy, which is stable and load-bearing. The table and anti-collision shield are made of PC+ABS alloy, which has good comprehensive performance, high impact strength and easy cleaning.
The modular design can be freely matched and combined according to the needs of customers. The handle of the drawer panel can be replaced at will, and the cylindrical integrated handle with wings on both sides can be customized according to customer needs. with beauty. Two expansion holes with a diameter of 32MM are reserved on the inner side of the table to facilitate the addition of infusion rods and straight arms.
- There are free partitions in the drawer to help store and categorize medicines and improve work efficiency
- Drawer combination: 8cm *3+ 16cm *1 + 24cm *1. The drawers are modular and can be freely matched with the needs of use
- The 8 cm drawer on the first layer can be used for keyboards and mice, and the 8 cm drawers on the second and third layers can be used for various consumables. Internal dimensions: 405*360*65mm
- The 16 cm drawer on the fourth layer can hold 100 and 150 ml infusion bags, internal size: 405*360*150mm
- The 24cm drawer on the fifth floor can hold 500ml infusion bags and infusion bottles; internal size: 405*360*230mm
- The computer bracket adopts imported lifting bracket, hidden installation, integrated with the table, can hover freely up and down, 30-degree tilt angle adjustment, 180-degree rotation.
The drawer guide rail adopts three-section silent damping self-priming slide rail, which has the function of automatic closing. The drawer will use hydraulic pressure to slow down the speed when it is closed to the next distance, reduce the impact force, and form a comfortable effect when closing. Even if the drawer is pushed hard, it will close softly to ensure the safety of medicines and instruments. Bottom: luxurious universal mute wheels, casters are made of high-strength polyurethane. Anti-static, anti-hair entanglement, portable and flexible