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Mini Electric Bench Saw Table Saw I Woodworking Saw For Handmade DIY Hobby Model Crafts I Cutting Tool

$160.00 $233.00
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Are you DIY model fans or expert? Have you ever dreamt of having a handy mini table saw to cutting the handmade model crafts material with small size low noise and fast cutting speed. While this mini table bring your hope to the reality. Solid thick steel unibody frame equipped with 775 type high torque motor providing ultra strong cutting power but low noise. It has graduated thick aluminum top plate and baffle meeting your accrued cutting needs. Equipped with vacuum cleaner interface ensure you connect it to the cleaner directly to clean to the cutting material chips easily. Comes with 63mm HSS blade, 63mm alloy blade and 60mm diamond blade easy to cut PCB, PVC, balsa plate, acrylic materials the best choice for DIY model makers.


  • Handmade DIY Hobby Model Crafts Cutting Tool 775 Motor 96W 63mm HSS Blade¬†

  • Features:

    1) Solid 2mm thick steel unibody frame durable no deformation ensure the flatness and high quality cutting performance

    2) 775 type ball bearing motor provide ultra strong cutting power but low noise, four rubber damping pad, anti-slip and shock-absorbing when working, you can use it just at home

    3) 63mm HSS circular saw blade, 63mm alloy blade and 60mm diamond saw bade can be used to cut plastic, balsa, PVC, PCB board, bamboo to meet your most cutting demands

    4) Equipped with blade height adjustment structure and 0-14mm height adjusting range to meet your

    5) Equipped with vaccum cleaner interface ensure you can connect it to the cleaner directly and clean the cutting material chips when do cutting works

    6)Equipped with protective fence on the top and scaled desktop precisely cutting will be easier and safer

    7) Equipped with 7 class power adapter enable you to adjust the rotating speed easily to meet different cutting speed

    8) Compact size save your worktable space, perfect for DIY small woodworking crafts




    -Working Voltage:DC 24V

    -Motor:775 type

    -Power Supply Input Voltage: AC100-240V

    -Power Supply Output Voltage:DC12-24V

    -Load-free Speed:5000RPM

    -Blade Height Ajdustment Range: 14mm

    -Saw Blade Diameter:63mm/2.5inch

    -Saw Size:18X14X6cm/7.1X5.5X2.4inch(L*W*H)

    -Compatible Saw Blade Bore Diameter: 16mm

    -Net Weight:1.98kg

    Package included:

    1X R1 Mini Table Saw

    1X Power Adapter

    1X 63mm HSS Saw Blade

    1X 60mm Diamond Saw Blade

    1X 63mm Alloy Blade


    the saw blade over the surface with 14mm(63mm HSS saw blade installed) but it do not mean the cutting thickness is 14mm, it depends on the cutting material and the saw blade type