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Multi Channels Universal Input Color Temperature Paperless Chart Recorder

$1,350.03 $1,920.00
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7 Inch. Color screen LCD Display Paperless recorder.

Power supply
Input signal
Thermocouples:K,E,R,B,N,T,J,S. PT100, DC
Sampling frequency
1-19999s Self-setting
Recording capacity
1 Minute record interval 4200Hours
Alarm type
High and low limit alarm.
RS232,RS485,Ethernet, USB,Mudbus TCP Communication protocol
Operating temperature and humidity
-20~50℃ ,Less than 95% non-condensing
Fire ABS.

1.10.2 inch (1024 X 600) TFT LCD high-brightness, clear picture, wide viewing angles.
2.Support USB interface and large capacity. Effective support long-term information collection.
3.Powerful PC analysis software.
4.Data acquisition, monitoring, recording and controlling (including voltage, current, temperature, humidity, pressure,vibration, frequency, flow, liquid level, etc)

Max. 64Channels ,8 channels per module, total 8 moduels
The blue wire is K type thermocouples
Mudbus, Ethernet, RS232,RS485,USB and power supply cables.

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