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Natural Tonwa Stones Slate Stones for Aquariums Terrariums, Paludarium,Vivariums, Reptile and Amphibian Enclosures (17lbs, 2 to 8 inches)

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  • 【100% Natural Stones】The uniqueness of a 100% real natural slate will add beauty and reality to your creation; It features a weak alkaline pH value and has stable chemical properties in water. Best for aquarium looking slightly up
  • 【Rich Applicable Scenes】It is suitable for various scenes, such as aquarium landscaping, plant landscape cover, miniature fairy tale garden, reptile and amphibian fence, war games, etc. It is a perfect stone for building habitat rock
  • 【Multiple Uses】The natural Tonwa Stones can save heat (from light or other heat sources) for amphibians, reptiles, or other pets who love high temperatures. It can be glued together with safety glue to create caves, cliffs, and mountains for fish and plants in aquariums. You can also use them for home decoration in bowls and vases and floor covering of indoor plants.
  • 【Unique Texture & Color】The color of natural Tonwa Stones is naturally gray, black and white, and the color will be darker in humid environments. The uniqueness of 100% natural white granite texture in stripe adds a sense of beauty and reality to your creation. Because it is a natural
  • 【Product Specification】Each box of stones is made of 2 to 8 inches of rock through our careful hand-picked inspection and selection, with perfect size and shape. No two stones will be the same. Net weight: ~17 pounds, pH value tested in freshwater: 7.2~8 in the density of 2.8lbs per gallon water. Suggest using more volume of water if you are looking for lower pH aquarium setting up. LANDEN Tonwa stones may slightly raise pH and water hardness. LANDEN Aquarium Soil can help balance that out.

Product Description

LANDEN Aquarium Stone Tonwa Stone

LANDEN Tonwa Stone-Specific Information

The Stone Itself Features a Weak Alkaline pH Value.

Size& Weight: 2-8 inches, 17 pounds,

Tonwa Slate Stones are more likely black seiyru stones. Still, it has more contrast in black color and white strip granite, with sharp outlines, which is more suitable for aquarium Iwaguma style aquarium scraping and a highlight decoration for a terrarium and paludarium tanks.

This stone is more suitable for slightly a pH aquarium, terrariums, vivariums, reptiles, and amphibian enclosures.

Weak Alkaline pH Value

1. If you are looking for a lower pH aquarium setup: The stone features a weak alkaline pH value. The stone also has a lot of stable chemical properties in water. Best for aquariums looking slightly up pH (e.g., African rift lake cichlids) or wide range pH adapted aquariums, terrariums, vivariums, reptiles, and amphibian enclosures. It is safe and harmless to aquatic plants and organisms. ( (pH value tested in freshwater: 7.2~7.8 in the density of 2.8 lbs per gallon of water. Suggest using more volume of water).

2. If you want to lower the pH value: This stone may slightly raise pH and water hardness if using an aquarium tank. Approx. 50% weekly water changes or using LANDEN Aquarium Soil can easily helpbalance that out. With LANDEN Aquarium Soil, you can easily balance and maintain pH toward 7 or less, providing full of essential nutrients for plants to thrive.

*It is normal if the stone in the package has apeculiar smell. The stone has volatile alkaline organic matter in its natural state. The peculiar smell will disappear if you put them in a ventilated place to dry for 24 ~ 48 hours.

LANDEN Different Aquascapes

Deep and Bright Color When Wet

The color of the stone is a natural mixed black. When added to the water, it will turn deeper and darker.

[Usage Suggestion]: When applied in aquarium landscaping, the suggested amount of pounds required = 2 x Tank volume in gallons.

For other application scenarios, refer to the above dosage as appropriate.

Comparison Table-LANDEN Stones

2-8 inch 2-8 inch 2-6 inch 3-10 inch 3-10 inch 3-10 inch
Gross Weight
17 lbs 16 lbs 18 lbs 30 lbs 16 lbs 16 lbs
Black Brown Gray Mixed Gray-blue Black Red
Acidity & Alkalinity
Weak Alkaline Neutral Weak Alkaline Neutral Neutral Neutral