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Pets Imperial Double Savoy Large Chicken Coop with 2 Nest Boxes and Run Suitable for Up to 10 Small Birds

$761.95 $914.95
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  • Dimensions incl nest box (approx): 4ft 9"(W)x 3ft 3"(D)x 3ft 1"(H) with 4ft 6" run
  • Galvanised metal pull-out tray for very easy cleaning. Suitable for up to 10 birds depending on size.
  • Made from animal friendly treated timber, designed to last for years. Totally fox proof. Comes with 1.4m Run
  • Two nest boxes with 6 compartments and four perches. Feet of Coop covered by rot free adjustable plastic cap.
  • Comes flat packed, supplied in three boxes which maybe delivered separaterly. Requires assembly, clear instructions.

Product Description

Savoy Double Chicken Coop With A Run

Why choose this coop?

The Savoy Chicken Coop Double Nest Box + 4 ft 6" Run is solidly built and made to last. The main living area is made from durable stained timber. Thanks to the quality tongue and groove joints of the wood cladding, the coop can withstand intense temperature fluctuations without warping, meaning that it will remain intact for years to come.

Dimensions including nest boxes (without run): 4 ft 9"(W) x 3 ft 3"(D) x 3 ft 1"(H)

* All measurements include overhangs and are approximate

Product Features:

  • Suitable for up to 10 bantams
  • Comes with 4 ft 6" Run
  • 2 nesting areas with openable lid for easy egg collection
  • 6 nesting spaces
  • Easy to clean slide-out galvanised tray
  • Four roosting perches inside
  • Run area with super-tough reinforced wire
  • Waterproof asphalt roof

The Savoy Chicken Coop Double Nest Box + 4 ft 6" Run is a traditional coop made from wood, with a slanted roof design, and featuring an asphalt roof. The external outdoor run space is 4 ft 6" in length by 2 ft 9" in width.

There are 2 nesting boxes with 6 nesting compartments inside. The nesting area (both boxes) lid opens for easy egg collection.

You have full access to all parts of the coop. As easy as possible by fitting it with many opening parts – the roof, the nesting box, the main living quarters, the run.

There are four roosting perches inside. The perches themselves are also removable for cleaning.

Another feature that enhances hygiene is the pull-out tray board. It sits right beneath the main living area where the perches are.

The chicken coop features a ridged ramp for your hens to access the hutch which is securely fastened to the framework.

Technical Details

Dimensions coop 4 ft 9"(W) x 3 ft 3"(D) x 3 ft 1"(H)
Dimensions run 4 ft 6"(W) x 2 ft 9"(D) x 2 ft 1"(H)
Material Wood, Plastic, Metal
Colour Yellow
Waterproof roof Yes (no roof over the run)
Suitable for Rabbits, ferrets, fowl, duck, guinea pig, quail
No: of boxes 3

Variants of the model:

  • Double Savoy Chicken Coop with additional Run (double nesting box)
  • Double Savoy Chicken Coop (double nesting box)
  • Single Savoy Chicken Coop (single nesting box)
  • Single Savoy Chicken Coop with additional Run (single nesting box)
  • Savoy Chicken Coop Run
Chickens count 6-8 10 3-4 6 N/A
Additional run N/A Yes N/A Yes N/A
Nest boxes 2 2 1 1 N/A
Nesting spaces 6 6 3 3 N/A