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Winter Vegetable Seeds Certified Organic Non-GMO Heirloom Collection Broccoli, Beet, Carrot, Cauliflower, Green Bean, Kale, Pea, Radish

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Product Description

This collection is perfect for yourself, and for your gardener friends/family. Collection includes: Organic: Cherry Belle Radish, Broccoli Calabrese, Sugar Daddy Peas, Kale Lacinato, Beets Detroit Dark Red, 'Tendergreen' Bush Beans , Little Finger Carrots, Cauliflower Snowball. Planting instructions are on back of each seed package. Seed is produced in the USA on certified organic farmland. Processed in a certified processing facility inspected annually. Seeds are tested twice a year at accredited testing laboratories ensuring United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) germination and purity standards are met. These seeds are packaged by a member of the American Seed Trade Association. Our germination percentages exceed USDA standards.

Rest assured you are starting with the highest quality seeds available! Your success will depend on many factors: growing conditions, weather, soil type, amount of sun, water, cultivation, crop damage from insects, birds, field mice or rabbits who love the tender seedling sprouts as they come up.


  • MOST POPULAR VARIETIES 8 PACK WINTER FAVORITES. Broccoli, beets, carrots, cauliflower, green beans, kale, peas and radish. Planting instructions on the back of each seed package. OUR NEW LEAK PROOF PACKAGING HAS ARRIVED!
  • MADE IN USA! LAB TESTED, for highest USDA Quality. Germination rate higher than USDA standards.
  • 8 MOST POPULAR WINTER VEGETABLES loved by gardeners and chefs who want GUARANTEED healthy good food they grow themselves. Plant early spring through late fall, harvest in summer, fall and into winter months.
  • CHECK YOUR HARDINESS ZONE here: Grow at 6a, or 6b or higher zones depending on your sunshine and south facing slopes. er zones,


Question: Can I plant these in December in north Texas?

Answer:  I would suggest checking your zone for planting below

  • CHECK YOUR HARDINESS ZONE here: Grow at 6a, or 6b or higher zones depending on your sunshine and south facing slopes. er zones,

. Your elevation as well as your location coordinates will impact your zone. Each kind of seed is planted in different months, this is dependent on the plant’s food production cycle. Some are planted late spring, some in summer, some in fall. All produce “winter vegetables “

Question: Ideally when should be planted? Is it better to germinate indoors first?

Answer: Each package indicates which months to plant that particular seed. Generally there isn’t a need to germinate indoors first. It’s best to space seeds accordingly in your garden.

Question: Can these grow in pots?

Answer: Possibly if your pots are adequate in size, and your watering system can handle the balance of adequate water for each kind of vegetable. Certainly a lot with radishes could be easier than a pot of cauliflower or broccoli