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Pro Series Aquarium Dual Stage CO2 Regulator Adjustable Output Pressure with DC Solenoid and Integrated High Precision Needle Valve and Bubble Counter

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  • Dual stage construction & adjustable output pressure. Dual stage construction provides stable output pressure regardless of how much CO2 gas remains inside the CO2 cylinder, eliminating unpredictable catastrophes such as an end-of-tank-dump (EoTD). The output pressure is adjustable from 0-65 PSI based on customers’ different needs.
  • Modular manifold block design. Two manifold blocks are included. Each block comes with its own high-precision needle valve and can be operated independently. You may use one block for one aquarium or use both for two aquariums.
  • Safety and precision in mind. Our regulator has a built-in safety valve. It will open automatically to release the pressure when it exceeds 100 PSI. The integrated needle valve is precise. The CO2 output can be adjusted to as low as 1 bubble every 3 seconds.
  • Solenoid runs on 12V DC instead of conventional 120V AC. This regulator adapts to 12V DC, which is more stable and consumes less power. The solenoid is safe to touch and is very quiet. This solenoid is designed to work with an automatic timer.
  • Attention. Suitable for North American CO2 cylinder with CGA320 adapter! Installation tools are included.

Product Description

Why Choose Dual Stage Over Single Stage Regulator?

As the compressed CO2 gas inside the cylinder is running low (pressure is low), a single stage regulator has a much higher risk of letting off huge volume of CO2 gas. This is called End of tank dump, the CO2 disaster that can kill all your fish in the aquarium.

A regulator with two-stage regulates the pressure better and maintains stable CO2 output. This eliminates the sudden CO2 dump (can happen due to low pressure) called end-of-tank-dump (EoTD) catastrophe.

FZone Pro Series dual stage CO2 regulator is your best choice for injecting CO2 to your aquarium

  • Pro Series has dual stage structure and safety built-in plus adjustable output pressure
  • Expandable manifold blocks with integrated high precision needle valves and bubble counters
  • DC 12V solenoid valve is high Performance and uses less power

Dual stage structure with adjustable output pressure and safety valve

  • Dual stage design, stable output pressure, and eliminates "end of tank dump"
  • Pressure knob is adjustable from 0-65 PSI depends on your needs
  • Dual gauge indicates tank volume and working pressure
  • Safety valve built in. When the pressure is exceeding 100 PSI, the valve will automatically release the pressure

Expandable manifold blocks- each comes with integrated high precision needle valve and bubble counter

  • With easy installation you can add or remove additional blocks as needed
  • High precision integrated needle valve. Flowrate can be adjusted to as low as 0.3bps
  • Bubble counter has check valve built in to prevent water from backflowing into the regulator
  • Fits standard 4/6 mm (3/16" inner diameter) CO2 proof tubing

*Fill the bubble counter with fresh water only. DO NOT use oil or salty water*

DC 12V solenoid valve, high Performance, cool operating temperature

  • This solenoid is designed to work with an automatic timer.
  • DC 12V solenoid is safe and is much more stable than the AC solenoid
  • Low power consumption: 2.5 watts only. keeps the solenoid cool to the touch during operation
  • Re-designed solenoid opens and closes smoothly. No more overheating and buzzing sound

Package list:
  • Regulator x1
  • manifold block x2 (installed)
  • Bubble counter x2
  • Allen key x1

FZONE PRO Series Dual Stage Regulator

  • Safe 12V DC Integrated Solenoid Valve
  • Adjustable working pressure up to 65 PSI
  • Made of solid metal material
  • High precision needle valve
  • Bubble counter with built-in check valve
  • Expandable manifold block
  • Easy to install – installation tools are included
  • North American CGA320 fitting only (not compatible with paintball tanks)
  • 1 extra manifold is included (1 is already attached on the regulator). Additional manifold can be purchased
  • Take 3-5mins to release the gas trapped inside the regulator when the solenoid is powered off
  • While the regulator is powered off, the low-pressure gauge may not show 0 because gas is still trapped inside the regulator. This is normal
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Pressure Adjustable Adjsutable Pre-set(Not Adjustable) Pre-set(Not Adjustable) Pre-set(Not Adjustable) Adjsutable
For PaintBall Tank
For CGA320 Cylinder(5-40lb)
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