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Protein Skimmers for Saltwater Aquariums, DC Pump with Needle Wheel Impeller, Internal Nano Protein Skimmer for Fish Tanks up to 57 Gallons, Perfect for Small Tanks, Freshwater and Reef Tanks

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  • 【Effectively Removes Organic Waste】: The Aquatic Life Mini Protein Skimmer for aquariums effectively removes organic waste and other pollutants before they break down into compounds which can be harmful to the aquarium inhabitants. Making your tank crystal clear
  • 【Powerful and Highly Efficient】: Powerful and Low noise DC pump with needle wheel impeller design combines air and water to generate lots of fine and smooth bubbles. A honeycomb head in the reaction chamber is used to cut the foam, prevent the bubbles/foam from returning and increasing the area and time for waste collection, which makes the protein skimmer obtain better performance
  • 【Adjustable Flow Rate】: Rotatable body makes water level adjustment easy. The foam collection and moisture levels can be adjusted by moving the water outlet higher or lower. Unique cone-shape reactor chamber allows bubble collection easily. The air intake silencer removes suction noise completely
  • 【Small And Compact In Size】: Small Footprint: 3.9" X 2.8". Skimmer Height: 14.6". It’s great for small aquariums and mini-reef aquariums up to 57 gallons(215L). It mounts inside to fit in most rear overflow or filtration compartments. Now you can have a reef tank in your own home without having to worry about spaces
  • 【Easy To Install And Maintain】: This small protein skimmer is easy to set up and runs a super-quiet operation. The adjustable skimmer height bracket fits standard aquarium frames. A quick-lock design on the collection cup allows easy cleaning. Simply remove the collection cup to dispose tank waste.

Product description

Unique honeycomb shaped diversion plate design creates denser bubbles and prevents backflow

The hygger protein skimmer is equipped with a honeycomb shaped diversion plate in the chamber, which differs from most of the protein skimmers. This special design slows down the turbulence inside the reaction chamber and creates a steady laminar flow, which allows more time to create better and more skim mate. It therefore generates outstanding performance.

Powerful Silent Efficient Pump

All hygger Protein Skimmers HG-048 come with a 4W ultra-quiet DC water pump. It is high performance and energy saving. A thick insulated ABS shell ensures there is nearly-zero vibration, ultra quiet while operating. While also providing a corrision resistant finish, long-lasting and durable.

Needle Wheel Impeller Design

Powerful silent DC pump needle wheel technology, which increases air to water contact. It creates lots of fine and smooth bubbles and powerful water movement to force protein, waste, and other materials into the collection cup for easy maintenance.

Water Flow Adjustable

Rotatable body makes water level adjustment easy. The height and moisture level of the foam collection can be adjusted by moving the water outlet higher or lower. So that the foam go into the collection cup perfectly, or to prevent over flow at the beginning.

Cone Neck

The bubbles in the heavily aerated water then travel up through the chamber, The neck cone reduces turbulence and allows more foams to accumulate steadily on the top, stripping the water of both dissolved organic and inorganic waste.

Collection Cup

The skim mate collection cup stores organic and inorganic waste after the bubbles dissipate. Separate design allows you to easy hold and transport the collection cup for cleaning.

Sewage Valve

The drain fittings allow hobbyist to drain the skim mate into a separate reservoir. Simply open the drain tube and no longer need to pour the collection cup every three days. The sewage valve makes draining of skim mate really easy

Installation Amount

Installation Amount

The Protein Skimmer can be installed inside the sump, or can be hang on back of the reef tank. It allows you to adjust the position and the water level. Attention: It can't be used in fish tank with rim!!!


A new skimmer usually takes 1 or 2 weeks to break in. In the first few weeks, overflow may recur. Don't worry please, you can adjust the humidity of the collected foam by rotating the reaction chamber.