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Quiet AC/DC Aquarium Air Pump for up to 200 Gals Tank, Portable Battery Powered Air Pump with Long 48 Hours Battery Life, 2-Outlet Oxygen Pump for Outdoor Fishing

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  • High Oxygenate Performance:PONDFORSE air pump can pump out 190GPH(6L/min*2) air with the two outlets, providing enough oxygen for your fish with large air output and high working performance. And the pressure is 0.024Mpa, power is 6w, the bubbles it generates are fine and even. It can be applicable to the fish tank up to 200 gallons.
  • Switchable AC/DC Mode:This air pump can be the standard plug air pump and can also be the battery powered air pump. When the air pump is charged, air pump enter Power Mode(AC Mode), suitable for household aquariums and fish tanks. The pump would enter Battery Mode(DC Mode) when no adapter is used to charge, suitable for outdoor
  • Long Battery Life:There are two working modes of this bubble aerator: one is continuous mode and another is intermittent mode. Under continuous mode, the battery can continuously work for 48 hours. Under intermittent mode, the battery can intermittently work for 72 hours. You don’t need to worry the battery life when on the go.
  • Quiet Air Pump:The vibration generated in the process of running can be eliminated by the four suspended rubber columns under the motor box. Double thickened shell design and unique curved inner tank can reduce the noise. The 4 rubber pads under the air pump can absorb vibration and reduce noise. Through those design, the air pump runs ultra quietly under 35dbs.
  • Wide Range of Application:As for a standard air pump, it can be used in household fish tanks, aquariums, hydroponics and hydroponic bucket systems. As for a battery powered air pump, it can be used for outdoor fishing, seafood transportation and emergency.

Product Description


This air pump can be used for 2 fish tanks at the same time with two air outlets. It can also pump multiple air stone discs with diverter valve.

AC/DC Air Pump:

When charging, air pump enter power mode (work as DC pump) , and start charging the battery. When it is not charged, it is powered by the battery (work as AC pump).

Ultra-quiet Operation:

Double shell design and carved inner tank eliminate the noise. The suspended motor minimize the vibration. Perfect for daily use.