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Resvent iBreeze Auto BiPAP ST Machine with Heated Humidifier Model: 25STA

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iBreeze Auto BiPAP ST Machine with 5" LCD Touch Screen

The Resvent iBreeze 25ST-A is a spontaneously timed VPAP device. The machine features sophisticated respiratory algorithms, which help to ensure that your therapy is compliant with your exact needs. This machine provides effective non-invasive ventilation for therapy with diagnosis such as severe COPD, neuro-muscular disease, hypo-ventilation syndrome and/or other restrictive disorders. The ST-A is capable of monitoring your breathing rate and adjusting pressure depending on your inhalation and exhalation needs. The device provides inspiratory positive airway pressure and also has a backup rate to make sure that you get enough breaths per minute, even when you do not breathe spontaneously. Best of all, there are adjustable alarms for added safety to notify you when there is low minute ventilation or excessive leakage happening during therapy.

Pressure Range
The iBreeze BPAP 25S features a pressure range of 4-30 cm H20. The elevated pressure capabilities are ideal for users with severe forms of sleep apnea, who generally require a high-pressure setting.

Intelligence Pressure Relief (IPR)
Resvent’s unique IPR reads the algorithms during both inspiration and expiration and makes adjustments to provide a comfortable therapy. Pressure will drop by one, two, or three cm pressure depending on your settings and personal preferences. These pressure reductions occur gradually and will help you stay asleep while you breathe throughout the night.

ResAssist is Resvent’s data management service where your sleep apnea information can be stored in the cloud with easily retrievable readouts.

Intelligent Humidifier
Resvent’s iBreeze series intelligent humidifier is designed to continuously monitor the water level in the water chamber. If water becomes low the humidifier will automatically stop heating and give a visible alert.

To prevent water condensation in the breathing circuit Resvent’s unique intelligent humidifier can sense the environmental temperature and humidity and automatically adjust the level of humidification.

P Ramp – Auto Ramp
In the Resvent iBreeze S you can delay the onset of pressure, allowing you to fall asleep naturally before the pressure increases. This will allow you to fall asleep easily without compromising the quality of your therapy. This is particularly recommended for users adjusting to CPAP therapy.

Mask Fitting
The Resvent iBreeze comes with a mask fitting feature that detects the quality of your seal right on the machine! The system is capable of reporting whether your mask is on correctly - 3 stars or if it needs to be fastened – one star.

Key Features

  • IPR Detects Algorithms of expiration and inhalation pressures
  • Intelligent humidifier Enhances Comfort
  • Provides Mask Fit feedback
  • Auto humidification eliminates rainout
  • ResAssist
  • Alarm clock feature
  • High-Pressure Range

When setting up the device, make sure the power cable is accessible because removing power is the only way to turn off the device. Also be sure the filter area on the side of the device is not blocked by bedding, curtains, or any other items. Air must flow freely around the device for the best performance.


Model 25STA
HCPCS Code E0470, E0562, A7037
  Data Storage Capacity 365 day
  Data Viewing On Screen Sleep Report
  Humidifier Integrated Heated Humidifier
  Operation Modes CPAP, BiLevel, Auto-BiLevel, ST
  Sound Pressure Level ≤28 dB (A)
  Water Chamber Capacity 290 ml (MAX Water Level)
  Modes CPAP, BiLevel, Auto-BiLevel
  Leak Compensation Yes
  Humidifier Settings Auto (8 scale)
  Filters Disposable Air Filter
  Pressure Range 4-30 cmH2O
  Ramp Time 0-60 minutes
  Starting Ramp Pressure 4 cm H2O
  Dimensions 235*148*125 mm
  Weight <3.5lb / 1.6kg
  Weight with Humidifier 3.5lb / 1.6kg
  Ramp Yes, auto ramp feature with Event Detection
  Sound/Noise Level ≤28 dB (A)
  Humidifier Included Yes
  Advanced Event Detection Standard
  Color White
  Warranty 2 years
  Data Card SD card included
  AC Power 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  DC Compatible Yes, 24 V, ≤2.5 A
  Extra Features Compatible with all standard CPAP masks