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Rose Live Plant Double Pink Knock Out Plant I 1 Gallon

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  •  live double pink knockout Rose comes with easy to use plant food to raise and nourish your Rose bush! The double pink knockout roses bloom every Year spring through summer with vibrant pink-colored petals that greatly compliment any garden or landscape they are planted in.

  •  A double pink knockout Rose grows similar in style to a medium-sized bush. These rose bushes are known for clustered foliage that grows outward in a rounded shape with rose buds popping on all sides.
  • The double pink knockout Rose loves the sun and would enjoy a spot in your landscape that receives sunlight all day! Perfect for planting in clusters along walkways, patios, gazebos, and mailboxes!
  •  knockout roses variations are world renowned for being very resistant to disease, making this Live Rose EASY to grow and maintain and an excellent choice for novice gardeners looking to spruce up their front or backyard.
  •  mature Height for the double pink knockout Rose bush: 3-5 ft | this Rose bush’s mature width: 3-4 ft. However, this knockout Rose responds well to pruning before the growing season and can be trimmed to maintain your desired shape and size!