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Rotary and Manual Microtome

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Rotary microtome is the new generation of slicing machine to adapt to modern histopathological examination needs. This machine adopts imported roller guide, high-precision roller screw, has reasonable design, compact, high precision, stable and reliable, is the ideal product of the modern histopathology sectioning.
1.The machine is designed into the ergonomic design, comfortable and long time operation with no sense of fatigue2.Using either standard section or disposable section can be obtained in ideal section3. Clamp sample can be arbitrary three-dimensional axle locking, to adjust the angle of tangent plane of the sample4. On the right side of the operation hand wheel can be locked, with maximum security and convenience5. Specimen retracting function, specimen system can exchange6. Tool post can be longitudinal, lateral movement, without the use of finger contact slice knife7. The tool post and blade are equipped with built-in red safety guard bar, covering the blade length, to protect the safety of users; the pushing blade rod can be conveniently replaced blade.8. Convenient N steel tool post and E type disposable blade knife rest9. The seal box cover without disassembly, convenient cleaning10. Large capacity and convenient disassembly of the waste trough
Technical parameters
Slice thickness range
0.5- 60μm
 Slice thickness selection
0.5~2μm 0.5μm increments
2~20μm 1μm increments
20~60μm 5μm increments
± 5%
Section adjustable minimum graduation value
0.5 μm
 Maximum sample size
60 x 50mm
Horizontal specimen stroke
Vertical specimen stroke
Sample retraction
0 ~ 28mm
Shaving slice thickness
1 ~ 60 μ M
Machine size
Machine weight
Specimen orienting system
axes X and Y 8°