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Shark PRO Internal Filter, Freshwater and Saltwater Application, for submerged use (Shark PRO 900) | 238 GPH

$126.95 $152.95
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  • SHARK PRO: This filter is an exclusively designed internal filter with a patented magnetic quick uncoupling system (MCS System). The modular design allows adding an extra filtering compartment.
  • FISH FRIENDLY: The Shark PRO Internal Filter contains an adjustable intake diameter to protect small fish. It is equipped with a transparent mechanical filter body for easy control of clogging level.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: The Shark PRO is equipped with a Venturi system for improved oxygenation and features a unique magnet connecting system for easy maintenance. Filtering volume of 930 cm3.
  • LONG TERM USE: At Sicce, we expect the traditional use of the Shark PRO to have a long-lasting life of successful performance for multiple years with regular maintenance and care. .
  • SICCE has been present in the aquarium and gardening market for over 40 years, becoming a point of reference recognized worldwide for versatile, high-quality products.

Product Description

Sicce Shark PRO Internal Filters

Models 500, 700 and 900

Sicce Shark PRO internal filters are designed to be effective and efficient with high filtration volume.

The Shark PRO filters come with a modular and flexible design. These filters can be used horizontally and vertically and include an integrated aeration system and spray bar.

The unique Sicce magnetic quick uncoupling system allows an easier maintenance operation.

Key Features

  • Submersible
  • Sturdy mechanical filter body with grids to allow a lot of water to be filtered
  • Integrated oxygenation system and spray bar
  • Adjustable water flow knob
  • Magnetic glass holder
Q Max 140 US gph 190 US gph 240 US gph
Watt 4 W 7 W 10 W
Voltage/Hertz 120v / 60hz 120v / 60hz 120v / 60hz
Filtering Volume 310 cm3 620 cm3 930 cm3