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Small Pet Playpen, Plastic Hamster Yard Fence Cage Portable Metal Enclosure for Guinea Pig Hamster Ferret Bunny Rat Hedgehog Puppy Small Animal, DIY 12 Panels Outdoor (13.8 x 13.8 inches)

$69.95 $83.95
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  • 【SAFE SPACE FOR PET】The playpen is made of plastic and iron. Enclosure is made us of twelve panel. Every panel size is 13.8’’x 13.8’’. Playpen is suitable for puppy, kitten, ferret, rat, guinea pig, rabbits, hamsters and other small animal.
  • 【PRODUCT DETAIL】The transparent plastic panels allow you to watch your pet form all directions. The fence components can be easily stored and transported. You can put food, toys, pet bed in it. Create a playground for pets.
  • 【BUILD YOUR OWN HOME FOR PETS】when your pet sees playpen,it can run, play exercise and have fun. Your pet will have enough space to play and stay active. It can run, play, exercise and have fun, customize a transparent pen for your active and naturally busy tiny furry ones, give her a happy pet playpen.
  • 【EASY DIY ASSEMBLE】Yard fence can be assembled into a variety of ways to play. We recommend four assembly methods. Such as “square”, “rectangle”,”z shape“, “concave shape” and so on. You can use your imagination, create the different assemble methods for your pet. You can give it to us.
  • 【Package Contents】12 x metal panels, 1 x wooden hammer, 30 x cable ties, 24 x connector,24x non-slip pad

Product Description

You can splice it into separate rabbit pens so your baby can have their own room and avoid arguments.

Panel corners are snapped into the connector completely, leaving no dangerous edges, this prevents small pets from chewing or getting their little legs stuck, ensuring that they stay out of harm’s way.


Item: Foldable Pet Playpen

Material: Iron/Plastic

Color : White/Transparent

Suitable: Hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, chinchilla, puppy, cat and so on.


When you’re in the assembly process, please make sure the corners of the sheets are inserted into the bottom of the connectors entirely to add security.

This playpen is suitable for small animals , puppy and small cat. It is not recommended for large dogs and cats.

The image may be slightly different from the actual color due to the luminosity of the shot.

Zero Distance

When your pet is bored and lonely, you can put their favorite toys in the enclosure, they will have a fun place to play.

Observe Your Small Animal

The product is transparent and makes it easy for you to see your pet.

Durable Buckle

Pen is made of plastic and won't scratch the floor of your home.

Firm Edges

Bold hardcore, strong and beautiful

Cable Ties

Connect two fences,it makes the fence more stable.

Non-slip Pad

Stick a non-slip pad on the bottom of the buckle. Prevent pets from moving the fence

Stacking installation details

When you install the fence in a stack, you need to pay attention to the way the connectors are used.

DIY Assembly

Our slotted, multi-angle connectors make this playpen super easy to set up, take down, or rearrange whenever you like. You can assemble your favorite shape for your pet.