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TCL Mesh Wi-Fi System I Gigabit WiFi Mesh Network Cover up to 66 Devices I Replaces WiFi Router and Extender I WiFi Booster I 2 Pack

$79.00 $149.00
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Product Description

TCL Mesh Wi-Fi System gives you a whole-home connection that's customizable to your needs and effortless to set up. Experience an ultra-fast, reliable connection you can roam with and manage with ease. With cross-compatible hardware, you can add TCL mesh Wi-Fi units as your needs change. Immerse your whole home in powerful Wi-Fi no matter its size or shape. Give your home the connectivity it deserves.


  • Whole-Home 2,800 Sq. ft. Coverage, Seamless High-Performance Wireless WiFi Booster. 2 packĀ 
  • Provides coverage up to 2,800 sq. ft. with a set of two routers. Arrange them throughout your home and eliminate dead zones when you move from one room to another. Stream 4K/8K videos on multiple devices at the same time with boosted coverage and ultra-fast Wi-Fi.

  • Featuring dual-band (2.4GHz & 5GHz) connectivity for faster wireless performance, as well as separate guest access for temporary connections.
  • The 2-pack LINKHUB Mesh Wi-Fi can support up to 66users simultaneously, making it an ideal solution for large homes and small businesses alike.
  • Start browsing, streaming and working quickly with LINKHUB Mesh Wi-Fi System's pre-pairing factory settings. Choose any unit to connect to Ethernet and all settings will automatically sync with the rest of the pack. Then all you need to do is decide where to place them.
  • Manage your network with ease using the mesh system's dedicated TCL WIFI app. This convenient app lets you modify network access, change password, create a guest network, or schedule Wi-Fi breaks for young children.