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Ultra Clear Rimless Aquarium Tank 2-22 gallons Low Iron Glass (21Gal)

$283.95 $340.95
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  • A fish tank is like a breathing ecosystem. It allows people to get rid of geographical restrictions and enjoy the most natural ecological beauty at home. A high quality fish tank is the most basic and critical part, and Allcolor rimless low iron fish tank can provide you with one.
  • Allcolor Rimless Aquarium choose high quality low iron glass, different from ordinary glass,low iron glass the light transmission rate is about 91.5% or more, will make the fish tank more crystal clear. The glue is made of German professional aquarium glue, which is strong and durable and will not volatilize harmful substances, which is safe for fish and other creatures in the tank.
  • We choose 90 degree right angle design, which can minimize the size of the hinge from the edge, make the viewing surface more neat and easy to clean, this is also the most popular in the international aquascape competition using rimless fish tank production scheme.
  • Allcolor aquarium has passed strict inspection before shipment, we will also check before packing. Please do not let the corners of the fish tank touch hard objects directly.We will also provide a base mat and cleaning cloth for each aquarium customer.
  • Size:23.62 x 13.78 x 14.96 inches (60 x 35 x 38 cm).Thickness:6mm.

Product Description

Enjoy natural beauty at home regardless of geographical restrictions

  • The highest transmittance of glass makes you feel as if you are in nature.
  • Cancel all redundant design and show the most natural essence in the fish tank.
  • But simplicity is not simple. Allcolor low iron fish tank uses high-quality materials and professional processing technology to present a perfect fish tank for you.

High quality materials with professional industry

90 degree alignment accuracy.Professional processing technology ensures that every corner of the fish tank fits perfectly.

1mm thin glue process, so that the glass and glass joint error is smaller, and the safety of the fish tank is higher.

Glass cutting adopts mirror level grinding process, smooth and flat. It is safe and beautiful to touch with your hand.