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Veterinary B Mode Portable Ultrasound Scanner For Dogs Pigs Sheep I MSU-2

by Meubon
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$1,850.00 - $1,850.00
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Product Description

B Mode Ultrasound Scanner

Applicable animals: swine, ovine, canine, etc..

1. Pregnancy Diagnosis:

MSU-2 can check whether the pig is pregnant 18 days later after mating or not. Comparing with traditional method, you can get non-pregnant pigs about 12 days earlier.

2. Diagnosis towards Fetus:

Through the measurement the fetal heart rate to judge whether the fetus is dead or mummy.

3. Diagnosis of Sow Uterine Function:

Diagnose sow reproductive disturbance diseases: pyometra , mucometra, etc..

Function Feature:

1.  Display mode: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M, total 5 kinds.

2.  100 frames permanent storage.

3.  Local zooming.

4.  Eight internal pseudo colors(incl. BW).

5.  OB measurement: EDD and GA for swine, ovine and canine, OB report.

6.  Flash card storage.

7.  Dual power supply, equipped with high capacity lithium battery, driving the unit more than 6 hours.

Package Includes


Main unit: 1 PC

Lithium battery

3.5MHz mechanical sector probe: 1PC

Black leather saddle bag

Lithium battery: 1PC


Base charger: 1PC


Sunshine cover: 1PC


Silicone protective cover: 1PC


Plastic sealed box: 1PC