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Viomed APAP CPAP Machine With Heated Humidifier Model DM28

$599.00 $885.00
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Product Description

The smart solution for sleep apnea (OSA) patients

DM28 APAP can automatically adjust the airway pressure to meet breathing need of specific patient which often change throughout the night as patient moves in and out of different stages of sleep.


  • Interactive design
  • High-sense CTP with more effective and straightforward operations
  • Algorism
  • More advanced algorism, more excellent experience.
  • Algorism
  • Build-in humidifer with better heating rate and better anti-backflow device.
  • Data management
  • More comprehensive data management system-Data Cloud and mobile APP.
Interactive touch screen solution
High-sense CTP enables more effective operations. Users can access to target interface with no more than three steps;
Multi-theme UI provide different visual experience.
AHI & P95 curves show treatment

Xlief(Pressure Release function) will automatically and rapidly adjust expiratory pressure according to user's breath(△t=150ms), which has no difference with natural breathing.

I-Breath Solution will automatically change the trigger point and respiratory rate during breathing process by adjusting the I/E Sensitivity and I/E Rate to ensure more comfortable and more effective treatment.

A larger heating area whose humidifying rate up to 65%.

15%inclined anti-backflow pipe more effectively prevent water reversely flow to the host, protecting the machine from damage.

Optimized structure with double injection molding material is more easy to clean.

H12 degree high-efficiency filter cotton from 3M effectively filter PM2.5 and dust, ensuring every breath of air is fresh.