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1L-7L/m Oxygen Concentrator Adjustable Oxygen Machine for Home and Travel Use Without Battery

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$619.00 - $620.00
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Product Description

Meet your supplemental oxygen needs using the newly developed 1L-7L/m adjustable Oxygen concentrator. Superior performance oxygen concentrator yields an oxygen concentration of up to 93%.

Comes with a 2 years warranty which covers free spare parts and after sales services at no charge,

Get delivery of the oxygen concentrator in 7-8 days within the United States.

This device has been developed from the very beginning to improve the lives of those using oxygen therapy  while ensuring users' freedom, independence and mobility while helping them breathe better

Our lightweight portable oxygen concentrator units are designed to help you live your life better on oxygen therapy. Even while receiving your supplemental oxygen, this oxygen concentrator enables you to continue to participate in your daily activities, get moderate exercise, meet friends for a meal and continue to do the things you love, all while getting the oxygen you need with this quiet oxygen concentrator unit.


The atomization function is a medical treatment method. It uses an atomization device to disperse drugs or solutions into tiny droplets, which are suspended in the air, breathed into the respiratory tract and lungs, and cleans the airway. Treatment (of antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and relieving cough), with small side effects and good therapeutic effect, mainly for asthma, cough, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and other respiratory diseases caused by bronchitis


  • Unique design with Built-in Nebulizer, meet elderly more demands.
  • Adjustable oxygen concentration: supply continuous flow 1-7L/min adjustable, provides a stable 93%±3%(1L) pure oxygen flow.
  • The outflow and its purity is as followings:1L 95%; 2L 90%; 3L 65%; 4L50%;5L 40%; 6L 35%;7L 30%.Two people can simultaneously absorb oxygen.
  • Big LED color touch screen display, easy operation real-time display flow and time change, so that the elderly can see it more clearly.
  • Intelligent time accumulation function: 0-999 minutes timer range, easy to record oxygen time;
  • Long Work Time, continuous 48 hours of continuous electric oxygen supply, , convenient for users to absorb oxygen for a long time.
  • Design with voice function, can real-time broadcasting every operation, the function can turn off.
  • Luminous indication of wetting water box, being convenient and beautiful, makes gas flow be adjusted more easily.
  • Anion function to purity the air around you for clean oxygen inhalation.
  • Infrared remote control function within 6m,convention to control the machine.
  • Intelligent alarm function, compressor fault alarm and power failure alarm makes your more reassuring.
  • Intelligent noise reduction system, running noise is less than 45db,won’t disturb sleep while oxygenating.
  • Humanized portable handle design, so that you can carry it to everywhere.

2. Low Quiet Operation which makes it convenient for users

5.  Beautiful intelligent large display screen : easy to operate, clear and clear, only voice broadcast, easy to understand.


It uses a high quality molecular sieve with strong molecular sieve with strong adsorption and high stability, layer by layer filtration


Oxygen Concentration:30%-96%(±3%) adjustable

Input Power:120W

Applied Voltage: AC110V/60Hz,AC220±22V50Hz

Environment temperature: 10-40°C

Relative humidity:≤80%

Atmospheric pressure range: 869hPA-1060hPA


Net weight:13.221b

Package Includes:

1 x Main oxygen concentrator generator

1 x Nasal Oxygen tube

1 x Remote control

1 x Power cable

2 x Filter felt

2 x Filter sponge

1x User Manual