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1L-7L Home Oxygen Concentrator Home Care Oxygen Generator

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Product Description

This is a 1L-7L adjustable oxygen oxygen concentrator machine that produces oxygen at a concentration of 30%-93%. it works with a low noise and is great to use with a cpap, bipap. it works for 24 hours continuous flow and it is a low noise machine, Does not use a battery

A great source of supplemental oxygen that is easy to operate and maintain. Comes with 3 years warranty and can be delivered within 5 days within the USA.

Warranty covers free spare parts and free technical assistance when needed. 



Flow Rate: 1L-7L/m

Oxygen Concentration: 30%-93%

Voltage: AC 110v-240V/50Hz AC110V/60Hz

Operating noise: 45db

Net weight: 12lbs



 This concentrator is built with a german pure copper oil free compressor.


How Does The Oxygen Concentrator Work?

1. The air enter into the compressor via the fuse with filter and noise canceling function.
2. The oxygen and nitrogen are separated by the molecular sieve.
3. The oxygen will be kept and the nitrogen discharge by the ceramic separate valve.
4. The oxygen flow into the water tank and you can enjoy the moist oxygen.

Important To Note

1. Machine should be in the ventilated places and the distance between the generator and wall/other objects no less than 10cm.

2. Please do not put anythings on the top of the oxygen concentrator.

3. No objects behind and under the bottom of the device to prevent the shutdown or decrease the oxygen concentration.

4. Fire and smoking is prohibited when operate the oxygen making machine.

5. It is not suggested to power on/off the machine frequently, please restart after the machine shutdown 3 to 5 minutes.

6. Using oil to clean the machine is not allowed,which may cause the pollution and fire.

Package Contains: