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30L/m, 45L/m & 60L/m Adjustable Industrial Grade Oxygen Concentrators

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Product Description

30L/m, 40L/m and 60L/m adjustable oxygen concentrators that concentrates oxygen to a purity level of 93%.

We can customize according to your specifications.

The machine can be used for:

1. Medical use
2.Industrial use: welding, glass cutting, etc
3. Fish farming, aquaculture
4. Veterinary use
5.Oxygen supply for ozone generator
6. Diffuse type oxygen supply use in high altitude area or activity center etc.


1. Absolutely dry ,clean and oil free

2. Small and light weight ,easy and safe to operate

3. Simple, reliable and easy maintenance

4. High flexibility, it is movable, can support oxygen for different quantity beds according to demands.

5. Energy saving, low power consumption

6. Cost -Effective

This machine utilizes PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology

This machine utilizes PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology separate the oxygen from nitrogen and other gas separation in the air.

The product uses oil-free compressor, medical molecular sieve, medical grade silicone tube high standard material. At normal temperature, as soon as power is connected, the oxygen which meets the medical standard can be separated from air constantly. Oxygen is generated by pure physical method. with steady oxygen flowing out, safe and reliable, low cost, adjustable flow. The key parts of the generator adopt anti-tiring and antiaging design.
This machine takes air as raw material, using molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption technology to produce oxygen concentration range of 90% to 90% (V/V) of oxygen (93% oxygen)