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Tracked Standard Shipping On All Orders I Call Us on 866.802.7613 I Chat with USA Based Agents I Email


6L Portable Medical Grade Pulse Flow Oxygen Concentrator With Detachable Battery and Sieve Bed

by Meubon
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Product Description

The machine is the first medical micro oxygen generator with the maximum oxygen flow of 6L / min. It can obtain oxygen of 90% + concentration infinitely only by electric energy. At present, it has applied for 36 patents and intellectual property rights, which can be widely used in clinics. It has a compact shape and complete functions, with the weight of only 3.6lbs, and integrates all functions of similar 40lbs products. Fast charging and long battery life expand the user's action radius. It can be used stably even at high altitudes (more than 5000 meters) or low temperature (- 40 ℃), bringing an additional sense of security to the user.

The machine is 33% smaller and 23% lighter than its counterparts, with a maximum oxygen flow of 6L/min, ending up being a breakthrough from the normal ones of 5L/min. It is truly portable for daily uses and can meet clinical applications, making it the top in the industry. During extreme times, It can not only make up for the lack of pressure in the central oxygen supply and the limitations of oxygen cylinders but also alleviate the dilemma caused by the lack of oxygen therapy facilities in the clinic. Also, the operation is simple and the oxygen supply is fast, which is of great significance for the treatment of patients.

Take the natural, use the pure
Separation of oxygen and nitrogen in the air, only electrical energy can produce unlimited production of 90%+ concentration of oxygen

Patent technology, enabling health
The independent patent "micro pressure control analysis technology" x intelligent "MAAS" system. Big data enables health, realizes the body abnormal warning and the health suggestion

It's natural, it's convenient
Modeling streamline, only 1.8 kg, high face, exquisite almost like art products

Lightweight, miniature intelligence
World min, 6L/min pulse flow,90%+ concentration
The most portable oxygen generator in the world

Package includes:

1 x Portable oxygen concentrator(With battery)
1 x AC Power Cord & Adapter
1 x Strap
1 x Car charger
1 x Belt
1 x Carry bag
1 x Oxygen Suction Tube
3 x Filter(5 layers)
1 x User manual