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Tracked Standard Shipping On All Orders I Call Us on 281.925.8618 I 866.802.7613 I Chat with USA Based Agents I Email


Unlock Precise Analysis with the MEPR200M X-band Benchtop Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer | Spectrum Analysis Included I Model

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Current price $180,000.00

Experience precise X-band benchtop electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR or ESR) spectroscopy with our MEPR200M system. Engineered for high sensitivity and stability, it delivers an economical, low-maintenance solution ideal for both scientific researchers and industrial users alike.

Key Accessories:

  • Liquid nitrogen variable temperature with cryostat
  • 4 mm outer diameter sample tube
  • Goniometer
  • Light system
  • Electrolytic cell
  • Flat cell



  • Frequency Range: 9.2-9.9 GHz
  • CW Microwave Power: 1 uW~100 mW
  • Absolute Spin Number Sensitivity: 5x10^9 spins/(G·√Hz)
  • Modulation Field Amplitude: 10 Gauss Max
  • Maximum Magnetic Field: 0.65T
  • Magnetic Field Stability: Better than 10 mG/h
  • Variable Temperature System: 100 K-475 K
  • Light System: Supported
  • Scan Speed: 10ms/P~5s/P
  • g-value Standard Sample: Internal

Product Applications: Electron paramagnetic resonance is unparalleled in its ability to directly detect and study unpaired electrons. Widely applicable across various domains, it's indispensable in:

  • Environmental Science: Monitoring air pollution, sewage treatment, heavy metals, and more.
  • Chemistry: Researching coordination compound structures, catalytic reactions, free radicals, and chemical kinetics.
  • Physics & Material Science: Investigating single crystal defects, magnetic properties, semiconductor conductors, and polymer characteristics.
  • Biomedical Applications: Characterizing antioxidants, detecting nitrogen oxides, studying cancer treatment, and more.
  • Industrial Usage: Assessing coating aging, cosmetic protection, diamond defects, and petrochemical control.
  • Food Science: Measuring irradiation doses, preserving flavors, testing rancidity, and assessing antioxidants in food and beverages.
  • Warranty :  1 Year
  • Usage : Science Research
  • Feature : Easy Operation
  • Function : Lab Experimental Operation
  • Advantage : High-resolution