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Adjustable 1-7L/min Oxygen Concentrator Generator For Home

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Product Description

The 1-7L adjustable oxygen concentrator yields 93-35% oxygen concentration

The oxygen generator is used by users who need oxygen.
1-7L adjustable.
93-35% oxygen concentration



• High concentration and stability, can meet the medical level requirements

• Stability: can work continuously for 500 hours oxygen concentration Compressor Oxygen flow rate Oxygen concentration: 1L can reach more than 93%

Quiet and comfortable ,The positive 43D (A) (average)

• More intimate service, yuwell Store supplies t he whole machine 1 years guarantee, compressor 3 years warranty Let you worry free after sale

• Compact and portable for vehicle, enjoy the continuous oxygen supply

• Oxygen bar for household Fashion appearance

• Compression pump life up to 8000 hours, strong stability

• High reverse display LCD screen,Easy to change screen, easier to Clean

• Infrared remote control oxygen generator in real time

If the machine fails, the machine will automatically alarm, remind, every 100 hours will have a filter cleaning Real time

• One button operation, more convenient to use Simple, quick, easy to operate, and never worry that mom and dad will not use