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Aspheric IOL Intraocular Lens I Model SS5240

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1.The intraocular lens material has good biocompatibility and excellent homogeneity. The nanometer numerical control processing technology and proprietary hydration cleaning technology are adopted for production and processing.
2.With modified C-shaped haptic design, the capsular bag has a large supporting contact angle, which can suit different size capsular bags and provides a guarantee for maintaining the product centering after the operation.
3.There is no spherical aberration, precise focusing, and good contrast sensitivity, so that the vision is clearer.
4.The total diameter of the product is 12.75mm, a wider range meets the needs of capsular bags of different sizes implanting intraocular lenses, avoiding tilting, ecentricity and rotation of the product.
5.Large range of focal power provides more choices for ultra-high myopia and hyperopia cataract patients, and a wide range can meet surgeons’ choice of product power.

Technical Specifications:

Material Hydrophilic acrylic
Overall length 12.75mm
Optic diameter 6.0mm
Haptic angle
Haptic design Modified “C” loop
A constant 118.4
Power range -10.0D~37.0D
  • Warranty : 1 YEAR
  • Model Number : MODEL NO. SS5240
  • Usage : Optical
  • Structure : Hydrophilic Lens
  • Shape : PLANO, C Shape
  • Product name : ACRYFOLD LENS
  • Application : Surgical IOLs For Cataract Surgery
  • Type : Acryfold
  • Material : ABC
  • Color : White
  • Optic Diameter : 6.00mm
  • Overall Length : 12.50mm
  • Optic Design : Biconvex/Meniscus
  • Country of Origin : Made in India