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Atmosphere Furnace With Vacuum Pumping and Gas Inflation Features I Box Type

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  it’s a smart, high efficient, energy saving, environmental protection precision high temperature electric furnace. Comparing to box-type furnace, atmosphere furnace has product advantages of vacuum pumping and gas inflation, and atmosphere furnace owns advanced structure, elegant and beauty in appearance, shell is made from excellent cold-roll steel sheets, been processed by advanced numerically controlled machine tool and import epoxy powder electrostatic spray technology, anti high temperature, anti corrosion and maintain no color fading for a long time. SA2 box-type atmosphere furnace is discontinuous running, adopts double-layer shell structure and (adjustable in 30-50℃range) program temperature control system, phase shifting trigger, silicon controlled, hearth is made form most advanced aluminum oxide ceramics material, double-layer furnace mantle room is equipped with air cooling system to rise or cool the temperature rapidly, furnace body uses step type assembly structure, furnace door and door frame is an integrated design, which efficiently prevent hearth top from collapsing, close fit of furnace door and door frame makes thermal energy difficult to lose, lengthen the service life of furnace door. SA2 box-type atmosphere furnace is applicable for universities and colleges, scientific research institutions, atmosphere protection sintering of mining industries,

it’s an ideal equipment for atmosphere reduction, with features of uniform temperature, fast temperature rising or falling speed, energy saving, applicable for various gases, vacuum pumping, etc.

Max Temp: 1200℃

Heating Element: Resistance Wire

Thermo couple: K type

Temperature Control Accuracy: ±1℃

Max Temperature Rising Rate: 30℃/min

Hearth Material: Aluminum oxide ceramic fiber

Applicable Atmosphere: All inert gas, maxed gas, ammonia gas, carbon dioxide, water steam, argon, osygen, etc.

Vacuum Degree: ≥-0.1Mpa

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Furnace box temperature is more than 1000℃, will it hurt people?
    Furnace shell adopts double-layer forced cooling, makes its shell temperature close to room temperature, no more than 40℃, in case of accident.

  2. How long will it take to heat the furnace to 1300℃?
    Our max temperature rising rate is 40℃/min, it will cost 32.5 minutes to rise to 1300℃. We advice you to use heating rate of 20℃/min to lengthen equipment service life.

  3. The setting temperature on display refers to hearth temperature or sample surface temperature?
    When thermocouple is collecting temperature data, probe directly touch the tested material, not influenced by medium, so it is the actual temperature of sample surface.