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Auto Perimeter Visual Field Analyzer Ophthalmology Equipment I M-LGM2189

by meubon
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Current price $20,000.00

Technical Specifications:
Radius of stimulator: 300mm±5mm
1. Stimulating source of LED(LED)
2. Two visual lights: yellow and red.
3. Stimulating strength: From 0nt (0asb) to318.310nt (1000asb), have 14 degree to adjust, the error is±10%.
i. Error of background brightness():4asb±10%
ii. Light spot: Diameter is 2mm +/- 0.25mm.
iii. The number of stimulating and the stimulating time:
A.388 spots (Red light: 61spots, yellow: 327spots);
B: stimulating retention time: 0.2s--2.0s, the program can adjust (±5%);
C: stimulating spacing interval: 0.5s --2.0s, the program can adjust (±5%);
iv. Window of eye-position tracking: White-black CCD, directly tracking the testing eye;
v. The length of chin rest: up-down: 80mm±10%; right-left 115mm±10%
vi. Eye position tracking: When blinking, the system will alarm automatically.
Two visual lights
yellow and red
Error of background brightness
Light spot
Diameter is 2mm +/- 0.25mm
12.1" LED Monitor