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Black & White Portable Laptop Veterinary Ultrasound Machine I VET-3 2D M32

by Meubon
Original price $2,200.00 - Original price $2,990.00
Original price
$2,200.00 - $2,990.00
Current price $2,200.00

Product Description

This laptop type veterinary Ultrasound Diagnostic scanner has high elements probe, high definition and more functions.



1.  Middle and small animals, liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, bladder, uterus and other tissues and organs inspection and diagnosis of lesions.

2.  Pregnancy test and measurement of backfat thickness in large animals such as cattle, sheep, horse and pigs.

Standard Configuration:

1. 96 elements array
2. 12 inch HD LCD medial display
3. Rechargeable battery
4. Body mark: 97 kinds
5. Probe Depth: 16 levels


1.  2D image.

2.  1 inch LCD display.

3.  Small size and easy to operate.

4.  Thin and light notebook design.

5.  Built-in rechargeable battery (4-8H).

6.  Intelligent 8-segment TGC adjustment.

7.  Full-digital beam imaging technology.

8.  Optional:Probe socket extended function, deal with multi-probe operation.sheep, horses and pigs.

Probe (Optional):

1.  Convex probe

2.  Backfat probe

3.  Linear array probe

4.  Veterinary micro-convex probe

5.  Veterinary trans-rectal probe