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Bunion Corrector Protector Sleeves Orthopedic Big Toe Straightening Kits

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Original price $41.00
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  • The Bunion Corrector Kit: Includes Toe Straightener Bunion Socks (1 pair), Gel Metatarsal Pad Toe Separator (1 pair). These two types of bunion toe protectors can be used interchangeably to manage bunion symptoms, reduce pressure on the toe joint and prevent bunion formation from worsening, especially when wearing ill-fitting shoes.
  • Toe Separator Socks: The bunion corrector sleeve is made of stretchy lycra, SEBS silicone; The stretchy fabric is very smooth and soft with well-made edges to fit your foot perfectly with a no-wear feel; The built-in gel toe separator is medical grade, hypoallergenic, durable SEBS silicone. This bunion orthopedic sock is effective in relieving bunion pain to ensure a restful night's sleep.
  • Gel toe separators: The hammer toe straightener corrector is made of softer and more comfortable SEBS material compared to regular silicone toe spacers; carefully designed to maximize flexibility, softness and stretchability, easy to clean and reusable. These toe corrector straighteners can relieve pain caused by Meta, Neuroma, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Blisters, Calluses, Burning Sensation, Corns, Calluses, etc
  • WIDE APPLICATION: These elastic orthopedic corrector sleeves can be worn in socks and shoes, or barefoot; you can rely on bunion relief kit for complete comfort whether you are participating in elegant activities, sports, work or everyday life. Once a bunion develops, it will continue to get worse without behavioral changes or human intervention. Stop bunions, our bunion brace kit will help you!