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Chainsaw Edging Mill I Mini Mill with 20ft Rails I For Precision Cutting Square Edges and Squaring Up Cants

$199.00 $259.00
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The 20FT V-Rails Mini Mill is a versatile tool that is perfect for edging lumber of different lengths. With its 20ft of V rail, it offers three lengths of rail for more convenience and allows you to complete the whole log edging in one run.

Our Mini Mill features an upgraded balance, thanks to key parts that have been upgraded to a lighter aluminum alloy. This improves the weight distribution of the chainsaw, making it easy to push the saw down the rail for an even and smooth cut.

Compatible with most chainsaws with 16-36'' bar and 50cc-70cc or more displacement, this mini mill is widely used by professionals and amateurs in New Zealand. It is perfect for edging slabs, squaring up cants, cutting slabs of lumber, making rafters or beams, and more.

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