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Tracked Standard Shipping On All Orders I Call Us on 866.802.7613 I Chat with USA Based Agents I Email


Color Sensor Colorimeter I Supporting Stand-alone and APP RGB I HEX Values

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  • The colorreader can be used alone or connected to app. When used alone, the color values (sRGB,CMYK,CIELAB,hex,LCH,LRV and Opacity) can be read directly, and two color difference values can be displayed Δ E * ab, a color bias similar to "less green more red" is obtained. When connecting the app, you can find the color card number, share color data, mass store color data, inspiration function, etc.
  • Item volume: 28 Centiliters
  • 5 Days Delivery
  • 30 days money back guarantee

  • The repeatability of the instrument is Delta E00 ≤ 0.08, and it is not affected by external ambient light during measurement. You need to stick the instrument close to the sample, and it will be very stable and reliable. As long as the color you measure is flat monochrome, the instrument can help you quickly and accurately identify the color card number. If you use it to compare the color difference between A and B, you can display color suggestions at the same time, which is also very professional.
  • At present, the APP has loaded three color cards, Pantone Coated/UnCoated, RAL 5.You can use it to identify the color card number and provide the color number to the paint shop, and the boss will select the corresponding paint. If you have a paper paint color card, you can use this device to create a personal color database.
  • If the colorimeter does not work when it is turned on, please try charging for 20 minutes before trying again; Please make sure your sample is flat, light tight and solid before purchasing the colorimeter.
  • 【About APP Download and Registration】: The name in the APP Store is "ColorMeter". Google Play Store is still under review. You can scan the QR code in the manual to download the APK file. It is safe and secure. When you register, you need to enter an email (we recommend using Gmail or Outlook) and click "Get verification code". At this time, you need to find a 4-digit verification code in the email, fill it in the APP registration page, and then enter a password.