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Tracked Standard Shipping On All Orders I Call Us on 866.802.7613 I Chat with USA Based Agents I Email


Electric Ceramic Kiln | High-Performance Pottery Oven for Professional Use

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Original price $77,596.40
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Current price $69,800.00

300-1700C Ceramic Heat Treatment Bogie Hearth/Tunnel Furnace | Pottery Sintering Shuttle Kiln Manufacturer

Our ceramic heat treatment bogie hearth/tunnel furnace is a high-performance solution for pottery sintering, annealing, normalizing, and stress relieving of various materials. Constructed with welded steel and profiled steel, the furnace chamber is lined with ceramic fiber and high-quality electric resistance wire, offering a 40% energy savings over traditional brick-lined chambers.


  • Sturdy Construction: The furnace shell is welded with profiled bars and armor plates for enhanced durability.
  • Energy-Efficient Lining: The composite energy-efficient furnace lining consists of light chamotte brick, aluminum silicate fiber felt, and sil heat insulator.
  • Advanced Furnace Cover: The cover is lifted and lowered using an electromotor-driven lifter with a worm wheel, worm, and screw mandrel mechanism. It features an appropriative sealing ring and impacted structure for airtight operation, along with vents and an explosion door.
  • Temperature Control System: Equipped with a 50-stage PID microcomputer programmable automatic control system with artificial intelligence adjustment technology. The system includes PID adjustment, self-tuning functions, and the ability to program 30 stages of heating and cooling. An LCD touch screen display is available as an option.
  • Retort Construction: Made from heat-resistant stainless steel with tight welding, featuring a water-cooling installation at the top.
  • Heating Elements: High alloy resistance threads twisted around the brick in the furnace chamber.
  • Control System: Standard configuration includes KRG6/KRG7 series controllers, imported digital temperature controllers, and automatic recording capabilities. The system shows, records, and adjusts temperature automatically, with alarm protective functions. The silicon control PID regulating electric furnace controller has an accuracy of ±10°C.


Our car bottom furnaces excel in processing industrial materials, ceramics, tiles, glass, and metals. They are renowned for heat treatment, annealing, quenching, sintering, normalizing, and tempering applications, including gear blanks, oil drill pipes, drive shafts, potteries, ceramic tiles, glass, jewelry, metals, and similar products.


  • Max Temperature: 1750C, 1700C, 1650C, 1600C, 1550C, 1500C, 1450C, 1400C, 1350C, 1300C, 1250C, 1200C
  • Working Temperature: 1700C, 1650C, 1600C, 1550C, 1500C, 1450C, 1400C, 1350C, 1300C, 1250C, 1200C, 1150C
  • Inner Chamber Size: Customized
  • Heating Element: MoSi2/SIC heating rods
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1C
  • Thermocouple: S/B Type
  • Heating Rate: 1C/min-30C/min
  • Furnace Temperature: <=45C
  • Refractory: High purity alumina fiber

This furnace is designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability for all your high-temperature processing needs.

  • Condition : New
  • Type : Resistance Furnace
  • Usage : Sintering Furnace
  • Warranty of core components : 1 Year
  • Core Components : PLC
  • Voltage : 220/380V
  • Dimension(L*W*H) : Customized
  • Weight (T) : 1.2 T
  • Power (kW) : 26
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Application : Heating
  • Max temperature : 500C - 2300C (custom Made)
  • Furnace type : Resistance Annealing
  • Heating element : Resistance Wire/SIC/MoSi2 Heating Rods
  • Power supply : 220V/ 380V 50Hz / 60hZ