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Hart communicator I 475 field Hart communicator I LN-1010

by meubon
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unique 475 hart field communicators

I. hart 475 field communicator with English menu

The portable 475 Field Communicator includes a color LCD touch screen, a Dual-core Lithium-Ion battery (Power Module), a Central Processing Unit (CORTEX-M3), bulk memory unit (FLASH) and integral Fieldbus communication circuitry.
When using the 475 Field Communicator to communicate with devices, follow all standards and procedures applicable to the location. Failure to comply may result in equipment damage andor personal injury. Understand and comply with the sections in this manual

II. hart 475 field communicator Brief Introduction

HART 475 Communicator

Hand-Held Communicator is a handheld interface based on HART protocol, which could perform configuration, management, maintenance and adjustment to all HARTcompatible instruments.

Hand-Held Communicator can be easily connected into 4~20mA loop,

to achieve the configuration of instrument parameters (upper limit and lower limit etc.), the reading of instrument variables, as well as the diagnosis and maintenance of the instrument. This Communicator could support not only the HART main device (HART multiplexer etc.) but also the peer-to-peer and multidrop HART communication modes.

China supplier 475 field hart communicator