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Hydrogen Oxygen 7 in 1 Small Bubble RF Beauty Machine I Face Lifting Dermabrasion Device Skin Scrubber Facial Spa

by meubon
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1. Polymer Atomizing Pen: Moisturizing, quickly penetrates the skin and increases skin vitality.
2. Ultrasonic Handle:10 to 3 million vibration, deep penetration and repairing skin bottom.
3. Cold Hammer Handle: Whitens and rejuvenates skin, shrinks pores, and reduces sensitivity
4. Skin Scrubber Handle: Remove dead skin, improve excess cuticle, and fine skin.
5. Hydra Dermabrasion Pen :Deep cleansing,remove grease, blackhead, acne,dirt,and increase skin elasticity.
6. RF Lifting Head: Stimulates collagen, lifts and tightens skin.
7: LED Mask: Whitening diluting stains; Anti-acne& Anti-inflammatory; Keep water and oil balance;Skin whitening; Replenish energy; Improve fine lines; Firming skin.

Item Type: Water Dermabrasion Machine
Color: White Hydro Dermabrasion Peel Machine
Material: ABS
Size: 47X32X43cm

Product Include:
1 x Main Machine
1 x Power Cord
1 x RF Lifting Head
1 x Cold Hammer Handle
1 x Skin Scrubber Handle
1 x Hydra Dermabrasion Pen
1 x Polymer Atomizing Pen
1 x Ultrasonic Handle
1 x User Manual
1 x LED Mask
1 x Box