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HyperBaric Chamber I HBOT Chamber Two People Use I Portable Oxygen Therapy Chamber Soft I 2ata

by meubon
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Product Description

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber can be used by 2 people lying down. The package
includes the hyperbaric oxygen chamber as well as a 10L-20L oxygen concentrator and an Air compressor.
The dimensions of the Hyperbaric chamber is Length= 6.5ft, Width= 2.6ft and Height is 2.1ft.
The home hyperbaric physiotherapy oxygen cabin is composed of a high-strength TPU nanocomposite fiber material cabin (safety door, observation window, safety valve), a pressurized oxygen-enhancing machine, and an air circuit. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber simulates a 2 atmospheric pressure environment. When people breathe in a micro-pressure oxygen chamber, due to the increase of pressure, a large amount of oxygen is dissolved in the blood, the blood oxygen capacity of the human body is significantly increased, and the oxygen content and oxygen storage capacity in the tissue are increased, thereby playing a health care effect.
1. Application: 2ata chamber for Home Hospital Use
2. Capacity: 1 person lay-in
3. Function: recuperate
4. Material: cabin material: TPU
5. Length= 6.5ft, Width= 2.6ft and Height is 2.1ft.
6. Color: White
7. Power:880W
8. pressurized medium: air
9. Outlet pressure:<400mbar@60L/min
10. Maximum working pressure: 30Kpa
11. Oxygen purity inside :35%
12. Max airflow:180L/min
Two People Use Soft Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 

Israeli scientists reverse aging in human trials for the first time

1. Increase the partial pressure of oxygen in the body.
The hyperbaric chamber can be raised to 30kpa.2. Increase blood oxygen saturation.
Oxygen intake is equivalent to more than 2 times that of normal breathing.3. Increase the oxygen diffusion distance in the body.
Use the flow of lymph to increase blood flow.

Hyperbaric oxygen and anti-aging

Scientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel have targeted the use of a method called "hyperbaric oxygen therapy" to stop the shortening of telomeres and the aggregation of senescent cells as humans age.

Hyperbaric oxygen and beauty

Because hyperbaric oxygen has the effect of promoting tissue repair, and the skin is a relatively peripheral part of the human body, the blood flow distribution in the peripheral part is not very extensive, so it is often felt that the skin on the face is very dry and lacks moisture. When doing hyperbaric oxygen, oxygen can enter the skin tissue through the process of physical diffusion to accelerate repair and repair and promote collagen proliferation.

Two People Use
Air & O2 Automatic Control System
pressured the chamber by air at 120L/min within 1 min; booster mixed 93%±3% at 5L/min and air 60L/min automatically after 1min.
Also can adjust according to your requirement
Oxygen, Air
Chamber Material
Maximum working pressure