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Endoscope Storage Cabinet Medical Modern Storage Cabinet

$9,100.00 $10,650.00
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Endoscope Sterilization Storage Cabinet
Suitable for storage and storage of endoscope items in hospitals, including commonly used soft endoscopes and rigid endoscopes

I. Endoscope cleaning & sterilization equipment (Stainless Steel) The sterile storage cabinet is used for store all kinds of hard or soft Gastroscopy, Arthroscope, Bronchoscope, Coloscope, Choledoscopy, Larynagoscope, nephroscope and such as endoscope.

1. Easy to operation and installation, no need training.
2. High efficacy of sterilizing.
3. Best quality and long service life.
4. It can bearing long time ultraviolet irradiation of device self. No special require for
temperature and humidity of operation room.
5. No pollution for environment, the material can recycled.
Product name:
Endoscope disinfection storage cabinet
Control method:
LCD display, microcomputer control system
Internal ➟ PMMA; External ➟ SPCC cold rolled steel sheet
Sterilization form:
Hidden UV or ozone disinfection;
Sterilization method:
Intelligent control circulating air disinfection system
Screen display:
Time; lighting; fan; week; sterilization timer; mode