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National Geographic 40X1600 Microscope

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Product Description

  • Microscope Powers Ranging From 40x to 1600x
  • 2 Eyepieces (10x, 20x), USB Eyepiece and Barlow Lens
  • Includes Collection/Prepping Tools
  • Hard Shell Case with Molded Interior
  • Smart Device Attachment

A Digital Twist on Traditional Microscopy 

By revealing in crisp definition the hidden details of the smallest of subjects, National Geographic’s 40x-1600x Microscope with USB Eyepiece proves that exploration doesn’t only happen on a grand scale. With its broad magnification range and multiple viewing options, this versatile microscope opens up the world around in a whole new way and transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

USB Eyepiece Expands Viewing Options

This high-quality microscope has a single ocular tube design but it adds a digital twist with the inclusion of a USB eyepiece that allows users to connect the scope directly to a computer for comfortable viewing as well as easy sharing and image capturing. Beyond the USB eyepiece, this model has 10x and 20x widefield eyepieces, a rotating turret of three objective lens sizes and a Barlow lens. The various combinations of these lenses give the scope a versatile magnification range of 40x to 1600x.

See More with Multiple Illumination Sources

Not all specimens can be viewed using the same type of light. To accommodate samples ranging from opaque to transparent, this microscope has two light options — a reflected illumination source above the stage and a transmitted illumination source below the stage. It also has a color filter wheel to enhance the views of certain specimens and reveal even more details. The unit is battery-powered to provide proper illumination for in-the-field investigations.

Easily Document Findings on Your Smart Phone

In addition to offering the USB eyepiece for easy sharing of observations, this microscope set includes an adapter that allows users to position their own smart devices over the eyepiece to document their findings in stills or video.

Accessory Set Includes Prepping Tools & Specimens

The full accessory set that comes with this microscope allows users to start investigating right out of the case. The set includes a brine shrimp hatchery, five prepared slides, five blank slides, slide covers, a slide case, two empty vials, a vial of yeast, a vial of sea salt, tweezers, a needle, a pipette, and a scalpel.

Hard Storage Case Included

A hard case with a molded interior is included to protect and organize the microscope and its accessories during storage and transit.