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Ophthalmic Ultrasound Machine A and B Scan I Model ODU8

by Meubon
Original price $4,650.00 - Original price $4,650.00
Original price
$4,650.00 - $4,650.00
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Ophthalmic A and B Scan

Humanized Operation Design:
1.  10.4’ adjustable LED screen;
2.  Press one key could transport current image to PC workstation
3.  Equipped with keyboard floodlight, used for dark room.
Abundant Dates Management:
1.  100 images permanent storage capacity
2.  Standard workstation software, easily management and print data


A Scan B Scan
Display B, B/B, 4B, A five point measure, A single point measure Scan mode Sector scanning, stepping motor with high precision
Measurement Range A five point: 0-36mm; A single point: 0-72mm Comparison of two or four images
Accuracy ±0.05mm Depth options 24, 31, 38, 42, 45, 49, 52, 56mm
Measure ACD, Lens, Vitreous CCT, and AXL (immersion) Compression curve 8
Eye type Normal/Aphakic/dense cataract/manual
Measure mode Immersion and contact, manual and auto Post processing 8
Calculation Std. deviation, average, automatical measuring 8 groups and average, accompany waveform, results correctable. Postponed depth range 25-32mm

Display of random two formulas, calculation of degree of IOL, DEM of emmetropization Of IOL, DAM of IOL, REEF after surgery, 100 groups of A scan results storage

A single point measurement      
Magnifications X1.0, x2.0, x4.0    
Depth Display 0-36mm