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Portable Gold Purity Testing Machine Jewellery Precious Metal Tester

by meubon
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Direct HZ300K purity tester is according to the Archimedes principle of buoyancy method, accurately and quickly read the precious metal density and purity%


Jewellery, banking, pawnshop, gold and precious metals research laboratories.

1, the measurement will not leave any traces and pollution, without the use of sulphuric acid solution or test standard samples.

2, the Brazil fire gold with the thickness of more than 30 mu and more than 30 m can be easily determined.

3, with upper and lower limits, a wide range of K numbers from 9 to 24K can freely set HI and LO data.

4, we can not test samples with gems and hollow. Can be used as a general balance

Measurement step


There are four kinds of measurement models for the purity tester of precious metals: D-G (pure gold mode), D-K (K gold mode), D-p (Platinum) and D-a (purity of silver). Before the test, please confirm the pattern.

The setting of the measurement mode: in 0 state, the "MODE" key is pressed into the measurement mode setting.

Press the "SET" key to modify the setting parameters and press the "ENTER" key to exit the setup mode.



Test index

D-G pure gold test


Gold ratio /K value / density / volume

D-K K gold test


K-1 gold + copper /K-2 gold + copper + silver /K-3 gold + silver / density / pure gold ratio / volume)

D-P platinum / platinum determination


Purity / density value / volume

D-A alloy test


Percentage / density / volume of main metal