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Resvent ibreeze Auto CPAP APAP Portable Non invasive Assisted Breathing Machine

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Product Description

The Resvent APAP portable machine uses a REG algorithm that can continuously monitor respiratory events by analyzing the physical status of patients and guarantee the optimum delivery of therapy to the user.

Auto ramp is designed for patient's comfort while falling asleep. The system maintains low pressure at the start of sleeping, till patient falls asleep. Then standard ramp will be implemented.

Treatment mode: CPAP, APAP.

Comes with a face mask, hose and other accessories


Power Source
1 Year
After-sale Service
Free spare parts
Instrument classification
Class II
Breathing Apparatus
CE ISO 13485
User type
weight above 30 kg
Intended use
Pressure Range
4-20 cm H2O
Static Pressure Accuracy
0.5 cm H2O
Dynamic Pressure Accuracy
1 cm H2O
Inspiratory Trigger Sensitivity
Expiratory Trigger Sensitivity