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Urinary Drainage Bag with Anti-Reflux Chamber I 2000 mL Volume I 48" Drainage Tube, Clips and Hanging Hook

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  • Urinary drainage bag consists of a drainage bag body, 48'' flexible and kink-resistant drainage tube, tube clip, sheet clip, hook and hanging rope, conical joint, joint protective cap and drain switch. Made of medical-grade material, durable construction for odor containment and leak resistance.
  • There is an anti-reflux chamber on drainage bag to prevent urine reflux from the urine drain bag from entering back into the drainage tube. And 48'' kink-resistant drainage tube make sure urine is unobstructed, provides quick drainage while also eliminating a standing column of urine.
  • Catheter Bags with clear graduation marks for easy- to-read; Clamps hold the tube can make urine retained at the joint of the sampling port, which is convenient for urine sampling.Hook, clip and hanging rope on the bag fits securely onto a bedrail or sheet and wheelchair for added convenience; the drain valve can be operated with one hand, which is convenient and practical.
  • The drainage bag capacity is 2000ml, won’t have to change out urine bags as frequently, saving you money and cleanup time. Mainly used for surgically coma patients, urinary incontinence and other inconvenient persons, ideal for non-ambulatory individuals, hospitalized patients and those who require incontinence care while sleeping.
  • Each product is sterilized and individually packaged, do not use if package is open or damaged. Drainage bag is for single use, please discard after use.
  • 5 Days Delivery